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FCO-IM Large Projects

A few large and succesfull projects are done by HAN and Atos Origin related employees. Many others exist but are not yet named in this list.

1990: NS (Dutch Railways)
VPT Model
Harm van der Lek
Ended in 1993

1993: CVI
Peter Alons
Ended in 1995

1994: Several graduation project
HAN students
HAN University uso Guido Bakema, Jan Pieter Zwart,
Marco Engelbart, Deny Smeets

1996: Railned
Dons model
Micha Nabben, Mark Achten
HAN graduation project uso Guido Bakema, Peter Alons

1998: KLM
Passage model
Karel Duran, Peter Alons
Ongoing project

2000: Sandia National Labs
Datawarehouse models
Gary Rivord
Ongoing projects

2000: HAN University
FIS2000 model
Claudine van den Aardweg
Ongoing project

2000: ING Group
HRM Datawarehouse
Jan Kruijdenberg
Ended in 2003

2002: Railned
Dons model (new)
Peter Alons
Ongoing project