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FCO-IM Repository

The repository storing all FCO-IM related information has had some work in the years to complete. (Note it'll never be really complete since theory progresses every day and push the methodology and repository forward.)

?: Communicatiegeoriƫnteerde Informatiemodellering en
Frank Borghans, Michel Teunissen, Susanne Willemsen,
Henri Heijltjes
successive versions of course material
as HAN University student assistants uso Guido Bakema

1994: Proposal for an FCO-IM Generic Meta Grammar
Guido Bakema, Han Schouten
English paper

1995: Inventarisation of constraints on the FCO-IM Generic
Meta Grammar
Henri Heijltjes
as HAN University student assistant

1995: FCO-IM Casetool repository
Guido Bakema, Jeanot Bijpost
implemented in Ascaris FCO-IM Casetool
Ascaris Software + FCO-IM Consultancy

1997: FCO-IM automodel
Guido Bakema, Joost Nunnink
FCO-IM Consultancy